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AcryliCon manufactures tough acrylic floors for demanding industries! No matter if hygienic, slip resistant, fire resistant or chemical resistant.

A special chemical and technical design make our floors different. The construction remains compact, monolithic and retains maximum strength decade after decade. For over 40 years, AcryliCon customers worldwide have continued to be impressed by the reliability and longevity of our floors. Our floor systems meet modern day safety and comfort standards and are accredited with various certificates and approvals.

AcryliCon's roots lie in providing solutions for our customers. We source quality raw materials and manufacture the resins from our modern production facility in Germany. Using our worldwide distribution network, we supply these products directly to our regional licensees, who will help the client specify the correct installation and provide technical advice and support. Convince yourself! AcryliCon lasts longer!

Products and services

All Acrylicon Floors offer the following benefit as standard:

  • Slip resistant, fire resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant & water resistant
  • Seamless, hygienic, non-dusting & easy to clean

AcryliCon Décor:
The Acrylicon Décor System is a 4mm quartz filled, trowel applied floor coating with excellent slip resistance values, longevity and cleanability.

AcryliCon Flake:
The Acrylicon Flake System is 2-3mm thick and encapsulates decorative flakes within its chemically bonded monolithic structure.

AcryliCon Variant:
The Acrylicon Variant System is an Industrial grade, mono-colour, self-levelling system which can be installed with or without scattered flakes and cures between 1-2 hours.

AcryliCon Industry:
The Acrylicon Industry System is a trowel applied mortar system with excellent compressive strength and tensile strength in bending.

AcryliCon Levelling Screed:
The Acrylicon Levelling Screed is a solvent-free, 2 component methacrylic polymer mortar with high compressive and flexural strength.

AcryliCon Décor System

Designed for wet areas and heavy industry, for example, fish, meat and poultry processing, bakeries, breweries, dairies, kitchens and other areas where hygiene and cleanability are paramount. The Décor system is also a perfect flooring solution for heavy engineering areas and pharmaceutical facilities. Colour coding for traffic areas is available to improve traffic ergonomics. The cure time is 1-2 hours, meaning any downtime is reduced to a minimum.

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AcryliCon Flake System

The system is designed for heavy traffic and moderate industrial use (e.g. shopping centres, retail, hospitals…), combining unparalleled longevity with great aesthetics and is available in a multitude of colours. By using our exclusive blend of colour flakes, we are able to provide granite or marble style looking floors in a fraction of the time normally associated with traditional systems. Low emissions - our products are solvent-free and contain very low VOC's.

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AcryliCon Variant System

The thickness of the floor may vary from 1mm to 3mm, depending on the level of impact resistance required by the customer and the quality of the substrate/concrete. With an extremely high compressive strength, the system is ultra-cleanable even with heavy traffic. The slip resistance can be adjusted based on the customer’s needs and specified regulations. Designed for heavy industry and clean environments, e.g. heavy engineering, laboratories, clean rooms, paper mills, pharmaceutical areas.

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AcryliCon Building Material Co. Ltd.
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News & Innovations

AcryliCon Levelling Screed

The Acrylicon Levelling Screed System is a solvent-free, 2 component methacrylic polymer mortar with high compressive and flexural strength. It is characterised by very low linear shrinkage and rapid curing, making it an ideal replacement for cementitious mortars and screeds. Acrylicon Levelling Screed can be applied in thicknesses of 5-550mm. The low shrinkage rate enables larger unevenness to be levelled out. The mortar surface resembles that of finished concrete.

Designed as an underlayment screed for Acrylicon Systems, levelling up of uneven substrates, creating falls to drains, bedding in drains, ramps, rail bedding, casting bridge bearings and repairing concrete. Can be used internally or externally.

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AcryliCon Multi-Grip System

The Acrylicon Multi-Grip System is an industrial mono-colour system which can be elasticised for areas with high thermal and mechanical stresses and outdoor applications. The thickness of the system is 2-4mm. The system is suitable for car parks, walkways and ramps due to the integral slip resistance. Fibreglass arming can be installed within the system for added protection against movement cracking.

Designed for use in outdoor and indoor areas where the temperature can vary. The elasticity and low-temperature flexibility improve the performance in outdoor applications such as exterior parking decks, exterior walkways (airports and vestibule walk off areas where salt is often used), safety marking zones and mezzanine metal gantries.

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AcryliCon Wall System
The Acrylicon Wall System is an extremely durable, hygienic and long lasting wall covering containing decorative flakes or quartz within a chemically bonded resin system. With only a 1-2 hour cure time, it can be installed in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional wall cladding and tile systems. Due to Acrylicon’s ability to chemically bond, it can be fused with Acrylicon Floor Systems to provide a truly monolithic “floor to ceiling“ interface.

Designed to be used on walls in changing rooms, showers, toilets, wet rooms, food processing areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, public areas, abattoirs, breweries, bakeries and many other areas requiring a hygienic and easy to clean surface.
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