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Aluminium skirting board

Not horizontally or vertically, but at an angle of 45 degrees: this is the fastening technique for the new aluminium skirting board "Cultus45".

This prevents damage of the wall and floor when installing the skirting. Only in its very final position the skirting gets in contact with wall and floor.

The fixing clip has a large reservoir for laying cables. The securing bars allow easy insertion, and at the same time they prevent stiff cables from falling back or disturbing during installation. The bars of the aluminium skirting are held in place without interlocking. As a result, the base plate can be loosened easily and without damage.
Thus, cables are accessible at all times, renovation and painting work is no problem.

The system includes inner and outer corners, connectors and end caps made of solid aluminum.

Exhibitor: Carl Prinz GmbH & Co. KG

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