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HEUSCH introduces revolutionary SIRIUS* shearing spiral

HEUSCH announced its new ground breaking new product line SIRIUS*.Based on application and machine set up savings between 30-50% could be realized.

SIRIUS* is the first and only shearing spiral being designed utilizing bionic engineering. The beaver tooth was used to model the new spiral. Like in nature SIRIUS* has a very thin, extremely hard front layer and a softer, much bigger carrier layer. This dual layer concept facilitates a self-sharpening effect on the spiral. As long as the ledger blade touches the spiral the cutting edge of the spiral will always stay sharp. After adjustment re-sharpening of the ledger blade is optional but no prerequisite. Instead of a fixed hardness for spirals, now customer decide deliberately based on their shearing application.

In combination with the matching ledger blade type customers can substantially lower the operational costs of shearing and the quality of the shearing result.

Exhibitor: HEUSCH GmbH & Co. KG

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